Anna Stella Zucconi, an Italian visual artist and designer born in 1984, acknowledges drawing not only as the initial stage but also the most fascinating aspect of her work, devoid of filters and full of stimulation. To her, drawing represents a process of liberation and, simultaneously, creative entertainment. She sees it as a direct bridge between her inner and outer worlds, a means of communication that genuinely exposes every emotion.

Anna’s artistic practice has evolved over time, adapting to her experiences and the changes of her era. She conceives her art as a visual chronicle of her life. While drawing has consistently held a central role in her artistic journey, she has recently explored painting in an extremely personal and unconventional manner. Experimenting with previously unexplored materials such as enamels, acrylics, and oils, she has adopted an approach centered on materiality. However, she has not overlooked traditional tools like pencils, graphite, soft crayons, oil pastels, or markers, considering each of them fundamental in realizing her artistic vision. The precision of her strokes has gradually lessened, allowing Anna to prioritize the pure manifestation of her intention over aesthetic impact.

In her creative process, there’s a consistent alternation between creation and reinterpretation, with the addition of new strokes or colors to cover or modify existing marks. Anna’s artistic output is characterized by genuine rawness, unintentional but embracing imperfections and errors as intrinsic elements, akin to life’s journey.

Anna’s artistic approach is rooted in authenticity and sincerity, reflecting her belief that authenticity is a fundamental value in life and art. Beyond aesthetics, her goal is to establish an authentic and profound dialogue with the observer.


2009 Finalist Arte Mondadori Prize, Milan

2016 Finalist Celeste Prize, London

2017 Setup Contemporary Art Fair (BO), BonelliLab Gallery

2018 Into my Hollywood, Vehicle Projects exhibition space dedicated to site-specific works, Banco BPM, Piazza Duomo di Pietrasanta

2018 Winner Open Call, Magazzeno Art Gallery, Ravenna

2018 Roller Coaster, Solo Show, Magazzeno Art Gallery, Ravenna

2018 Art Residency Michelangelo Reload, CAV – Fondazione Arti Visive, Pietrasanta

2018/ 2019 Art Adoption New Generation, Cortona, Arezzo

2019 Selected by Popack, an agency in Milan that aims to spread art through merchandising

2020 Young & Authochtonous, Group Show, Giovanni Bonelli Gallery, Pietrasanta

2021 Duo # 2, Group Show, Molin Corvo Gallery, Paris

2021 Artist Design, Group Show, Molin Corvo Gallery, Paris

2021 The Others Art Fair(TO), Molin Corvo Gallery, Paris

2021/ 2022 The last/ 2021, Group Show, Molin Corvo Gallery, Paris

2022 SugarFree, Solo Show, Molin Corvo Gallery, Paris

2022 Inside Inside, Bi-personal exhibition by Anna Stella Zucconi and Mattia Turco, Sala delle Grasce, Pietrasanta