Anna Stella is an italian visual artist and designer. She was born in 1984. She lives and works in Pietrasanta, Tuscany.

For Anna Stella Zucconi the drawing is not only the first stage of her work, for her it’s also the most fascinating, it’s the stage without filters. As she explains in her own words: «It’s a process of liberation and at the same time it’s a form of play, a form of entertainment.» She perceives drawing as the most direct contact between her inner world and the outer world, a type of communication that reveals every emotion. «My work has evolved with me, it has grown through my experiences, taking forms adapted to my time. I like to think of my art as the documentation of my life. Drawing has always occupied the first place in my artistic path but lately I felt the need to experiment with painting, in a very personal way and far from the classic sense of the term. I found myself intrigued by materials that until now I had not taken into account: so I started to approach the use of enamel, acrylic and oil with a material approach, but not forgetting pencils, graphite, soft crayons, oil crayons, felt-tip pens and any means that can help me achieve the result that I have in mind. The sign has become less precise, abandoning me to the need to give less importance to the pleasant aesthetic effect to the advantage of the absolute manifestation of my intention.» Randomly but repeatedly, the artistic process is the same: she creates and destroys, covering previously existing signs with color or with a new sign. Her work is rather dirty, not deliberately, but “every imperfection or mistake” is allowed to become an essential part of the work, as happens during the journey of life. Her art is presented without any kind of superstructure that helps to appreciate its quality: Anna believes that authenticity is a winning approach to life. It pursues not only a concept of beauty but a strong communication with the observer.


2009 Finalist Arte Mondadori Prize, Milan

2016 Finalist Celeste Prize, London

2017 Setup Contemporary Art Fair (BO), BonelliLab Gallery

2018 Into my Hollywood, Vehicle Projects exhibition space dedicated to site-specific works, Banco BPM, Piazza Duomo di Pietrasanta

2018 Winner Open Call, Magazzeno Art Gallery, Ravenna

2018 Roller Coaster, Solo Show, Magazzeno Art Gallery, Ravenna

2018 Art Residency Michelangelo Reload, CAV – Fondazione Arti Visive, Pietrasanta

2018/ 2019 Art Adoption New Generation, Cortona, Arezzo

2019 Selected by Popack, an agency in Milan that aims to spread art through merchandising

2020 Young & Authochtonous, Group Show, Giovanni Bonelli Gallery, Pietrasanta

2021 Duo # 2, Group Show, Molin Corvo Gallery, Paris

2021 Artist Design, Group Show, Molin Corvo Gallery, Paris

2021 The Others Art Fair(TO), Molin Corvo Gallery, Paris

2021/ 2022 The last/ 2021, Group Show, Molin Corvo Gallery, Paris

2022 SugarFree, Solo Show, Molin Corvo Gallery, Paris

2022 Inside Inside, Bi-personal exhibition by Anna Stella Zucconi and Mattia Turco, Sala delle Grasce, Pietrasanta